About Us & History

Lorna and Peter Leighton of Handmade Furniture
Kyle Leighton of Handmade Furniture
A view of the front of the Handmade Furniture cottage shop in Hilton

After a successful career in the army and with the South African Railways, Peter Leighton branched out on his own and used his skill and passion for quality woodwork to establish Handmade Furniture in 1992. From small beginnings and hours spent establishing a product range and selling at flea markets, the business has grown steadily since those early days. After having a factory based in Willowton for some years, home for Handmade Furniture is now Mount Michael near Hilton, just outside of Pietermaritzburg in KZN.

Peter’s wife Lorna joined the team after many years as an accomplished sales rep and brings with her a host of hands-on skills as well as customer relations experience. It’s most likely Lorna you’ll chat to when you call us! Now with many years of experience in the industry behind her, Lorna is able to provide customers with sound design and practical advice and assist them to choose the perfect finishes for their chosen products.

Keeping things in the family, son Kyle joined the Handmade team in 2000 and now has over 20 years of experience in furniture design and production. Kyle is a perfectionist and brings to life any design, with a special passion for unique custom-builds. Kyle is able to provide customers with visuals and drawings (hand drawings as well as PC renders/ VR) and give advice on timber choice and other related detailing.